Which are the Most Effective Combination of Deals and Promotions in Your Experience?

I have been working with Booking.com for a while and tried various combinations of campaigns, mobile rates, country rates, but hard to say which combination actually works best and would like to know the experiences of my fellow hosts here.

Right now, I am toying with the thought of doing a country rate discount, mobile discount and a non-refundable price plan.

I am also a Preferred Partner and offer a Genius discount.

I will try and balance it as such so that when someone manages to actually get full discount combining these, it will be my rock bottom pricing.

I want to avoid jumping on various campaigns now and then and stick to something more durable over a longer period of time but yet get attractive visibility.

Any input on my train of thought on the above?

I also don't have any experience with Country Rates.

Are they effective and how are they visible on the actual website (banner/tag/reduced price or similar)?

Your input is greatly appreciated.



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indeed the biggest issue is finding a balance, and understanding  what stacks and what discounts do not. Honestly considering all the things you have active, if you can do not apply them all to all Room Types.


Limit them to one Room Type and or apply some to one type and others to another room type.


That way not all are stacked on all rooms.



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Salle Carlzon

Thanks for the input.

I am trying to find a one-time balance calculating backwards from the very lowest rate that I want to get into my pocket and then stack on and trying to find a balance also looking at competitors pricing to stay competitive all the way and it is indeed very difficult.

Which sort of promos have you, in your own experience, found to be converting the most on an overall?


For that you will need to start with a spreadsheet and build it out.

Salle Carlzon

I am already working on that as we speak as I am really digging into all this to set a certain infrastructure that can then me adjusted up/down depending on demand and performance. Thanks.