Why do i don't get booking s now ,like how I used to get in the past

I would like to get some more tips on how to get frequent bookings during high and low seasons .I used to get many bookings when my space was new ,but not any more 


Leandri Klopper

Hey Awesomeholiday2014 !

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You'll find lots of advise here, especially on that topic. I'm going to post some links to some of the better threads about this topic for you below, they are well worth a read!

From my side, I found constantly checking your rates make a massive different. I've recently started using Booking.com's free tool RateIntelligence, and so far it has helped me quite a bit. Perhaps take a look at that? And as always, make sure your basics are covered. Great photos, up to date facilities, good descriptions.

Here are the links:

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Opportunities for coming season, what are their affects and are opportunities really have affect?

Best of Luck!




What is rate intelligence leandri it is not available in my country yet ?

Leandri Klopper

Hey cassid ,

I'm sure it is, it's a tool that is free to use. So you choose some competitors (or you can allow the tool to pick them for you) and you get lists of their rates, the average rates etc.

Go to Marketplace on the extranet. It will be there as a free to download tool

Hope this helps?