Why guests don't answer messages?

I may have some insight on this.

Having recently booked a short break via BDC and making the mistake of checking a couple of competitors while logged in, I have since been bombarded with promotional emails, between 10 and 20 to date, in a space of 2 weeks!

That's totally OTT and unjustified. I can see most people, as I have, simply deleting without reading or just ignoring this mass attack.


Very counter productive in my opinion.

Isle of Wight …

Are these promotional emails from BDC? Are they only on your personal email address, or in your BDC inbox too?


Yes the psychology of 'EndUsers' on an email client such as MS Outlook, seeing a sea of emails; and even in habit of not checking email for days at a time.


Come long open up to see 100 unread messages, skim read the subject lines first then might lookat the sender info, might not. and then just delete.


In the middle of all that could have been out auto template messages.




Hi IoW,

Yes, all promotional emails directly from BDC. They only come to my guest-account email, thankfully, not my host account.

Since my first post I received many more, quite a rediculous amount that I literally lost count of them but certainly in excess of 40, for just the one search and booking. It only stopped when I blocked them!!!

M Adamopoulou

Thanks, fluff for informing us...thats very bad...hope you reported to BDC.

Some guests of mine have told me they dont bother with emails since they are getting many of them....that might be the explanation.

Please give us feedback....

Best wishes...