Why my Guest Review Award was not posted to me

Why I did not receive Travellers Review Award 2020 and also Guest Review Award 2019 when it clearly says I got it

Sunset on Sunr…

I am really disappointed for my achievement for last years Guest Review Award 2019 and also Traveller Review Award 2020, that Booking.com did not send me my letter and award for what I had earned. I have NOT received anything at all, and yet it shows that I had earned these. Could someone please explain as I am having trouble contacting Booking.com ?


I am not sure, but I think this reward is not sent to all Booking.com partners. Probably there are some limitations as to who are eligable.. Probably also it depends from which country you are from. 

You can download your reward in digital format here:  https://partner.booking.com/en-gb/review-awards