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Why my listing does not show hotel star ratings and available activities and facilities?

Hello Everyone! Good day : )

I came across some hotel listing upon searching on I found my hotel listing is slightly different than some. There are 2 main issues I am trying to address and hopefully any of you experts here can help.

First one, star ratings. I have a 8.2 rating (about 100+ reviews) but my listing does not show any stars on it. A lot other hotels are showing 3 stars and above. May I know what causes this listing differences?

Secondly, activities. I have put a few activities that my hotel is providing (with additional charges). However it doesn't show any at all in my listing as well. I came across some hotel they have their long list of activities showing in their listing. May I know what causes this differences and how could my hotel's star rating to show as well?

Thank you so much for your time and your advises are greatly appreciated.



Community Admin

Hi Info , and thank you for posting. Star Rating: Is not given by us, but you need to request to our Customer Service to add it for you. If you have a certificate better to attach it in the message! Furthermore, if you wish to show in your Front End all the possible activities that can be done extra, you can set it from: Property > Facilities and Services. Have a good day!


Hi thanks for your reply. I have set the activities some time ago, it is showing on my laptop however it is not showing in the mobile app.