Wrong number of rooms in title of house ! !

Discovered that Booking choosed a title for my House that I offer tourists that says "3-bedroom house". It is automatically chosen and it sucks! I was trying to click that you CAN SLEEP IN 3 OF THE ROOMS but there are only 2 bedrooms. The third is a living room in which you can put an extra bed. Now the really bad thing - IT IS NOT POSSIBLE TO CHANGE ! It really sucks, guests wont be pleased and I cant build a new house.... It says that I cant change since there is a booking - so I had to write to them personally and they changed booking. Than I was to make another try to change this stupid thing about "3 bedrooms" but I got another booking so now once more I can't. What shall I do??? It sucks. And there is no possibility whatsoever to reach any support from Booking... :(



As your profile is incomplete , missing the property link we cant see it,


  • so first thing is share the link to it please.
  • second add it to your profile.
  • assuming you are renting the property as one whole unit, then all you should do is define the room type(s) and inventory and the layout as bed size only.
  • Dont try to add living room as a bedroom, and then it will list properly.
  • Just add a photo of the living room with trext , giving option of a bed or foldup  size = X, etc.


John there is always an option to reach BdC support , but I suspect you dont know where it is. see guide below.



Kind Regards


PS : please take the time to complete your profile and add the property listing link

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