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Your most Eccentric guest/s

Weekend greetings to all in B D C community!

I just had the most amazing interaction with a full package gentleman. He recently traveled to South Africa and chose to stay with us for 4 nights. 

My guest was in the early 60's and the perfect gentleman. I am disclosing any personal info....

Everyday he came dressed for breakfast, the precise time he said, dressed in shorts, long socks and a fascinating bow tie -different one every day-  stunning  checkered or stripe shirts, a beret - which he would take off when I approach - wow immaculate mannerism when he would speak to any of us in his presence . He had such a joy of life about him - the way laughed - especially when comparing where he was staying to his friends that were paying almost tripple the amount as himself - and according to him , much better loved hands on service and value for money... 

And low and behold.... 15 days after his departure I received the most beautiful hand written postcard.. thanking me for his wonderful stay and that he would return.  He is one of those I will never forget ... do you have such guests? Or any stand out interaction that will stay with you forever and is totally off the beaten track. 

love to hear your responses.  God bless you all and happy guest interaction.


Info 2 years ago

Hi Benita

It's so nice to hear your experience with this Gentleman - a true Gentleman!  We once had a guest so infatuated with the Mike Myers character Austin Powers he wore the outfit & even the false front teeth (except when eating!).  He was the nicest chap & had a lot of very funny stories too.

Guests like these are why we do what we do!

Nikki B

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Leandri Klopper 2 years ago

Hey Benita,

That is such a stunning story, thank you for sharing! 

Nikki - So funny! I often wonder why people do things like that but then I think I should just be grateful that there are, otherwise our lives would be boring. 

Wish I had a good story to share, but sadly I'm not at the properties. 

Keep well

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M Adamopoulou 2 years ago

Hi! Benita,

What a fabulous story. Guests can surprise us sometimes!!!

I love guests with personality and humour...

Most of my guests, so far, have been very positive, interesting and happy people.

My last guests from Italy were amazing people.  I have mentioned them in another thread but will do it again. When they arrived they gave me a bag full of local excellent Italian products.  Pasta, tartufo, cheese....I was stunned... so many presents....

They stayed for 10 days and we became friends...The whole family was so warm and happy we had marvelous time together.  They also gave my little grandaughter a very nice necklace with a small dolphin. Next year they promised to come for three weeks. I cannot wait to see them again...

As Nikki very well said guests like these are why we do what we do!!!.

Thank you Benita for this post and take care...