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After disconnecting the channelmanager- what happens to the rates


one short question: What happens to the room rates set by a channelmanager after disconnecting it?

Will the rates be active again, or do the channelmanager set rates remain?


Thank you for your help,

Thomas, from the hot tyrolean alps


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Leandri Klopper

Hey Thomas,

Great question, my instinct says it will remain on the rates set by your CM. You probably don't want to test that by just doing it and seeing what happens, but there is the Open/Close rooms tools that can help you if it reverts back to the prices. Then you can quickly close all rooms while you amend the prices.

Will you let us know if you find out what happens to the rates once you disconnect a CM?

(Can you not ask the CM, or do you not want them to know you are planning on disconnecting it yet?)

Keep well!

1 year ago