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Alcohol Licenses!

I have a good selection of Whiskies on offer to the guests and I am considering getting rid of my alcohol license as we have had several people who just help themselves to a wee dram or two.

A friend told me to do an Honesty bar. I looked in to this with great detail and I would still need an alcohol license to do this.

Even if I offer a free welcome (Alcohol) drink I still need an Alcohol License.

A small decanter in the bedrooms where the guests can help themselves is still seen as selling alcohol as a part of you room price therefore I would still need an Alcohol License.

Any thoughts, rants, suggestions welcome :-)

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Thuild - Your …


Luckily I don't need to put up with bureaucracy because of my peculiar legal status in the country where I have my Guesthouse. Therefore I can offer them whatever in any quantity.

However, I do not serve spirits, they cannot buy it at my place, the most alcoholic drink we have is the wine, around 16% alcohol and some beers which have 10% alcohol.

We do not want to encourage heavy drinking as this is not the place for it.

Even though people throw a lot of parties, we only had one incident with some guests from the UK, which is no surprise after all.

If I were you, I'd remove the heavy, keep the rest and the license.


Zsolt -

1 year ago