Avoid chargebacks due to errors in guest email address

   Wanted to share a problem I had with 2 reservations in the last month. In each case the guest accidently entered a incorrect email address. We send several message to the guest before the arrival date. A welcome letter / information and several notices regarding the charge to their credit card. These messages are sent through the fictitious email address assigned to the guest. Since these 2 guests made an error on their email address, all communication was not delivered. Resulting in no-shows and a charge backs. (unfortunately sales tax was already remitted to the city and state). Booking.com does not have in place programing to alert you of undelivered communications. 

   To avoid this happening to you. Please reach out to your guest if you receive no response to your communications prior to arrival. If you do not have a phone# for your guest, click on the tab "Report other Chargeback cases"  (enter the pin sent to you) Up will pop the 'Dispute defense documentation'.

This document can be used in the case of a disputed chargeback. More importantly this document contains THE ACTUAL EMAIL ADDRESS for the guest. Now sent a email to the guest and see if it bounces back as undeliverable.

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Very valid comment!

What we tend to do is send a welcome email and if we do not get any response we send a follow up and later a text/sms/whatsapp msg!

We then ask for a personal email to send an apartment guestbook as the portal mail does not handle attachments well! The booking.com email portal, unlike other engines, does not block email addresses!

1 year ago
Allan Withers

 I would have thought the email that the guest supplied BDC would have been verified when the account was set up. That's pretty slack by BDC.

Will ensure that a contact has been made with the booker in our future bookings.


1 year ago

Regarding the chargebacks, did you win?  99.9% of the time if a custoemrs is a No Show, and you have all their details, you still wont be able to win a chargeback.

Visa and Mastercard have their own accommodation rules so anyone who ' Doesnt get what they paid for ' can process a chargeback and as the numebrs where keyed in, there is no way to win.

the booking.com chargeback dispute form doesnt work.


4 months ago