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Blocking business disrupting bookings

 We have a recurring booker who books a room and cancels just before arrival time. This has been happening for several months and by doing that the booker effectively blocks a room from rental.

We urgently need to block this booker but can not find any way to communicate with reps or any such blocking function. Any ideas or similar experiences, out there?

All the best, Sven, Garden Hill hotel

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I would say that you should update your payment policies and expect that payment is recvd in full or in part some time (15days? 30days?) before arrival date.

We actually implement a strict policy of full payment on booking and we have just one apartment - it probably scares a lot of guests and deters bookings but at least we know that the ones that book are committed.

9 months ago
Corinne Orde

Is this a genuine customer seeking accommodation or is it a local accommodation provider trying to block your room in order to attract guests to a similarly priced room in their accommodation?

Have you ever asked them why they are doing this?

9 months ago