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Booking Basic

Hey hoteliers,


have you ever heard about "Booking Basic" ?

How do you feel when someone comes to your property and provide you a PDF Voucher by system that there is a reservation without your extranet profile, has something similar and in customer service they can not ... explain what basic means ?

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Booking Basics means that BDC has found your rates cheaper on another platform.

They then discount your rate with them to compete.

Check Price Quality Dashboard in Analytics for details on where your rates are cheaper.

1 month ago
Hotel Sofia

understood, but how is connected with Hotelbeds price, for instance ?

1 month ago

How exactly do you mean that?

Remember also the Affiliate Network, any other agent signed as an affiliate to BDC can access the same rates and sell them on behalf of BDC for a commission.

1 month ago
Penmorvah Mano…


We have just noticed this 'Booking.basic special rate' appearing on our Hotel's rates.

I do not recall seeing any notification informing us of this starting, and giving us the chance to opt in or out.

Has anyone managed to get it removed? Is there a option on the extranet somewhere?

Many thanks

28 days ago
S Bura14

@@ Penmorvah Mano…


We are having exactly the same problem. We are having restrictions, minimum stay is 3 nights. The past two weeks, we got 2 bookings (basic). Could not see any booking in the calendar even not in the menu bookings in the extranet. We have 5 rooms in an appartment complex - not a hotel. We are not living there. The booking basic guest called me for checking in. I say, "impossible you have no booking with us". The guest sent me a screenshoot from his booking confirmation. Yes, it was my telephone number. The screenshoot was an confirmation email from So I called, even the BDC support couldn´t find the booking provided a very long booking number, I guess a least 20 digits.

Called BDC a 2nd time and the BDC support found the booking (not in my extranet)

BDC support ask me where the guest booked it. I sent a WhatsApp message to the guest, he says he booked it over BDC. I did not checked in 2 times the guests.

Called BDC since three weeks several times, sent emails as well. Still the same problem. We are charging a cleaning fee, lets say if you book our room for three nights the booking basic price is 30% + cheaper. We can´t rent out a room for this price.

Since 3 weeks I got no more bookings. Currently we have 2 guests in 2 rooms. They booked the room for 6 months ago with the regular price. Now this guests start asking, why is the room so cheap now?


BDC promised me to sort it out soon several times. I will wait until Friday, if thre are no changes we will take off our rooms from BDC.

11 days ago