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Booking.Basic Rate

Can anyone recommend best to solve/remove Booking.Basic? Thank you.

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We closed all our rooms on basic rate then opened them as non refundable rooms.

Rates & Availabilty > Open/Close Rooms

1 year ago

contact your account manager in booking or increase your rates in the other channels in order to decrease the pricing deference. if something works i would love to have your reply

10 months ago

You can't remove it, they are checking around and if they find a cheaper rate they take it an call it booking. basic, the things is with us 99% of the time its a rate from their sister company Agoda who are publishing a member only price that you should sign in for but ignoring the rules and publishing it publicity instead, then take that rate and use it. They have also started offering some people discounts for paying them direct but they have not informed us of that

6 months ago