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Burn out

For those like me, the solo workers, I know there are a few, how do you deal with so much work ?

I had to close my calendar off for 3 weeks, I just had enough of people.

I am limiting guests at the moment and so far, they have all been lovely nice people which has helped. It was just getting me down how people were treating my home and me.

People were robbing food and clearing out the breakfast room and taking it all with them. I mean even down to getting bags and emptying the cereal containers (have 8 different types)

Destroying my lovely sheets and duvets.

Finding body fluid stains in the beds and don't get me started on the bathrooms. 

I spent hours cleaning, get on my hands and knees and in 12 hours you would think a group of wild monkeys had checked in without my knowledge.

Then there is the furniture movers, who decide to move the beds around, even though they are staying one night.

One guest left blood all over the floor in her bedroom and bathroom, never even mentioned it, hugged me goodbye, never mentioned while hugging me that a scene from a horror movie lie inside the room for me.

I get blamed for guests getting lost, even though I  send directions and advise them that booking,com have a great app to direct guests. You would think I pick up the house and move it around just to confuse them.

Another guest left the windows open in a hurricane and destroyed my blinds, the room was covered in debris. She then told me it was a bit chilly last night, we had warned her that a hurricane was coming and then when it arrived, you knew it had arrived.

"I will be there at 2.00 pm," then you wait in all day and after at 8.00 pm. I am 4 hours now waiting for 2 guests, am wrecked as one of my children was sick so up all night with him.

Not in a million years would I leave a hotel room or anything dirty. I don't understand the mentality of people, especially as we are a small business share the same house.

Thats it, off my chest-I need a sweet cup of tea

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M Adamopoulou

Cassidy my goodness what you have been through I guess you haven’t been so lucky with your guests. When my guests come I show them where my brooms and cleaners are and I make it clear that they have to respect my Studio in every way and leave it clean as they found it. So far so good. Take care.

10 months ago
Thuild - Your …

Dear Cassid,

I went through most of what you say here. I am the solo person dealing with everything here. Sometimes I get help with cleaning, but that's it.

Tomorrow I have 3 rooms out of my 4 to clean and prepare in 3 hours because I have a group of guests coming. Fortunately these are all repeat guests who are no problem for us.

I have washed so many bloody stained sheets and even blankets and of course towels and robes. I had to throw away quite a few of them because they were so stained.

I totally understand your point, I live the same way. For me, I'm young, just 28 and I'm in my second year running this. I haven't had a vacation for 3 years now and I plan to close down for 1 and half months, January-February because it's a dead season and I need the rest.

I had a burn out last month at the beginning, then a week and half ago I got to spend 18 hours in the emergency ward of the hospital. Went in with the suspicion of a gastritis but turned out that I have a big gallstone, so doing all that work and eating at odd hours made it move and it blocked something and thus I was in agony for 18 or more hours.

We chose this life, because we care and even though there are those who spit on us, leave 2.5 score reviews and take our kindness and generosity for granted, we still strive to offer the best services.

This is something that nobody talks about, really.

Enjoy that Tea and think of all the amazing moments this lifestyle has brought you. All those guests who have lifetime memories because of you.

Big hug,

Zsolt -

10 months ago

This post resonates with me so much!

After only 1 year running my guesthouse I have decided to close my business after my last guest in February.

Quite literally all of the above mentioned things have happened to me and with the little money I make after all expenses and the long hours and zero consideration for my property it is just not worthwhile to carry on.

I am amazed at how people treat guesthouses and could write a book on all my experiences!

It has been extremely stressful not knowing when bookings will come in and how the people will be and then the all dreaded potential bad review.

Has anyone else ever felt this way and closed down?

10 months ago
Thuild - Your …

Dear Claire,

I haven't shut down and I won't. I have enough nerves of steel to go through everything.

Right now, I am facing an issue that is putting my business at extreme risk, but I'm not giving up and I will fight to find a way.

Once you become immune to the bullshit, then you will feel better. You just have to know how to separate emotions from business.

Stay strong, all of you.


Zsolt -

10 months ago