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Can't We Rate Guests as They Rate Our Properties?


I wonder whether we as hotel/property owners can rate guests. 

Like the concept Uber has. It can benefit all of us. The same way guests knows about a property we know about the guests. Specially when there is a problem it helps to know the behaviours of the guests. As they can be anonymous we can also be anonymous as well. 

We are living in a world where resources are getting limited faster. I certainly do not want guests who switch on AC, lights and walk out of the room. It is not possible to install electronic door lock system. Also there are guests who try to get discounts or not pay by creating problems which was not there. If helps to sort the issue, it helps all of us to know what sort of a guest or a property they are dealing with. 

What do you think people? Please share your comments.





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Yes I think it is a great idea and it would be good to have it on as I know that this facility is also available on other ebooking sites like AirBnB which I have used as a traveller and get rated upon too!

9 months ago
Leandri Klopper

Hey Harry,

Fantastic post thanks! Sure to get some good feedback on this from the partners.

Personally, if they do this then needs to restrict this option of rating your guests to small properties. We have 4 properties listed, the smallest of which has 80 apartments that we are renting out. So it absolutely won't be an option we would like. How will we go about it? Who will be the judge?

For bigger properties I think it would be nice to flag or applaud a guest's Booking Process. So not the actual stay, but how well they did the booking. If they corresponded well and made payment within the given time, had good manners and didn't make a bother of themselves, then I would like to Applaud/Like/Praise the guest for other properties to know that the client is trustworthy.

If the client never corresponded with us, or missed payment deadlines, or was rude etc during the booking phase then I would like to flag them to let other properties know that the client will need to be handled sternly but carefully.

Interesting concept you have there though!

9 months ago

Hi Leandri Klopper

Thanks for sharing your thoughts

not all my guests bother adding a review so of cause as property owners we will not be able to reviews all the guests all the time as well. But if there is a system, it will help.

For sure, if we can flag guests who do not pay or misbehave it will help other owners. Uber has this rating which works very well.

9 months ago

All those in favour say aye....


The current report-guest system seems to be a tad toothless. It would be nice to see, for example, fake bookers flagged as such, plus those already mentioned. It could be a powerful tool to weed out the bad-ones.

9 months ago
Leandri Klopper


Any kind of attempt at such a system would be wonderful.

I just don't think a comprehensive or BIG system would work for me specifically. Like for instance, if we can only reply to reviews with comments then most probably we will also only be able to rate those who leave reviews. How can we ensure that we remember those guests etc? It will have to be made very user friendly.

What I would like is to be able to rate the guest's booking procedure. I'll even take the Smiley Emoticon thingies that uses with our guests. Add categories like: Friendliness, reachability, met all deadline.

Two AYE's from me.

9 months ago
Villa Junona Croatia

MikeM we all, I think, use this site. But it is not the same. as I´ve already written in the topic

No Facility for Rating Guests it would be very useful for everybody if there was a facility to rate guests. It can be used, for example, as a measure of guest honesty. So people will not trust the reviews written by guests with very low rating.

9 months ago