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changes of hotel star rate

Q1. i need to change my hotel star rating. after rescreach, we found out that most of the 3 stars hotels in phuket are way below our hotel standard, and we are very similar to the rest of the 4 stars located in our area.. i need help with these asap. the "3" stars hotels around me a selling at a very low price way lower then my rent. and they dont even have infinity pool, breakfast, lift, and most of them are only 17 rooms hotel compare to mine 31 rooms hotel. PS help needed. to i make a promo showing something like normal price 5000 after discount 2500... ?

Q3. how do i open my bookings whole year long without worrying about customer booking at low season price and stay during high season time?


PS help needed. thanks

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Thuild - Your …

Dear whoever you are (leave a name?),

A1. You will need to contact BDC for this. However I don't know how you can change your star rating like that when that should be officially done by a government entity, who certifies it for you. You will need some type of official certificate of classification. As we are not officially rated, we have no star rating, but that doesn't stop us from being in the top 5 star places in the area.

A2. You can make any promotion, the thing is that BDC shows promotions differently on different platforms and to different people, so not everyone will see it the same way, some might appear as you mention but some might not. This is called A-B testing, which they do to determine what works best.

A3. You need to set your seasonal prices, that's it. So for low season you set whatever price you want and for the high season you set your higher price, availability can be set by you manually or if you use a channel manager, then push it through that.

If you need more info, feel free to e-mail me at:

Good luck,

Zsolt -

1 year ago
Leandri Klopper

Hi there,

I think Thuild answered Q1 and Q2 much better than I would have been able to. I can however add to Q3 if you'd like?

If you don't have a channel manager and you do everything yourself, then this link is for you:


I find working in List view works best because then I select the Off-Peak season and add the rates. Then I select Peak season and add those rates. They don't change unless you change them.

Best of Luck!

1 year ago