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Changing paseord and invoice paid

I got a problem for my phone two days a go and I was so complicate to get to my extranet, so I chsnge the pasword of my property, myproperty name is John's family in Rantepao, Toraja utara/ south sulawesi, Indonesia. Also I paid two invoice that booking sent to me but that invoice ia still appear not paid.
Thank you,
John's Family

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Hi John,

Have you checked with your bank to confirm that the payment has come out of your account? If it has it could simply still be in the process of moving banks or if you made the payment manually via a bank transfer, I would check with the bank that you entered the correct details (account number etc).

If your bank says it's not left your account it could be the payment failed and you could try re-sending it.

1 year ago