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Channel managers auto messaging integration

I have now sent this in an email and message through extranet. Have been told to put it up here so 3rd time lucky as I wont be putting up again - 

This is feedback - 
I would like that when I set up automatic messages in my channel manger e.g message to welcome them when they book... message few weeks before to ask about arrival times etc. 
that they show up in pulse and under the guests booking.
The channel manger would use the the email assigned to the guest so I thought it would show up in pulse etc but have been informed that it wont.
I believe this would be a fantastic add-on.


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Hey Chris,

Have you tried this yet or have you just been told it wont work, as this seems like theres no reason it wouldn't work.

The e-mail assigned is just a forwarder and leaves a copy at the Extranet for their records of communication with the guest - as long as it goes through that address it should work absoloutley fine. Anytime i've sent an e-mail directly from an external mail program eg Outlook it always leaves a copy on the Extranet too so shouldn't make a difference where it comes from be it a mail program or a channel manager.

It also seems highly odd would send you to a forum to ask a techincal question rather than give you an answer! Guessing the staff member wasn't feeling like helping that day!

1 year ago
Chris Gregg

Hi Richard,

I was told on the phone to put it in as feedback but the place they told me to go I ended up here. I have sent it as an email as well and was told to go to help then feedback but ended up here again. Probably me being silly but at least it out there.

I have tried it with a property but I can't tell if it is working. On my channel manager I have tested it ( On Simulator )and seems to work but doesn't show up on pulse chat part. From anything I read or who I have spoke to I have been told that this wont work. It may be sent to the guests but not show up in the pulse which is my main point.

I was hoping that on here maybe someone had worked out how to do it or knew for sure it doesn't work.

Thanks Chris

1 year ago

Hi Guys, Can you guys suggest what is the best channel platform that can be integrated with to have auto-message to able to define different time and condition to send message directly thu



1 year ago

Hi Mark

This is how it looks in Effective Tours channel manager. You can choose your property, choose particular room type, select the even like New Booking, Check In or Check Ou, set the time offset, like send 1 hour after the check in, or 2 days before check out or instantly after the bookings arrives. Choose the OTA, filter by the reservation status and add the amount of days the guests are staying.

So literally you can do whatever your want. All messages sending via client email, and visible inside the Booking intranet.

3 months ago