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Collecting Damage Deposit - Newbie

Hi there, we have set a damage deposit of £300 to our listing.  We have agreed to collect this by paypal however we have no idea how to facilitate this.  We got our first booking last night for an arrival today .. so all been very quick.  The email address that is provided with the booking is not a personal one for the guest so we can't request a PayPal payment that way.

Are we suppose to ask the guest for their PayPal details?  What if that bounces etc.

Just looking for advice on how we make this charge so we don't lose out and so we can learn for the next one.  We currently use another similar booking website and they take the damage deposit and refund the guest assuming we don't make a claim.  This is where these sites differ so we need to be sure.

Thank you so much for any help, Eleanor

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I am interested in this thread

1 year ago

I am in a similar situation in that I do not have the facility to charge credit cards because I do not have the machine and I have set up payments. My plan was to charge damage deposit via paypal however don't you think it turns off guests to ask them for an extra 200 Euro upfront (even though refundable)? It would be so much easier if takes care of charging this money just like airbnb does. I don't want to take the risk of not charging any money at all and I would like to know what other similar hosts are doing.

1 year ago
Spiti Tou Georgiou

All three of my guests via have paid on line and as I am not a hotel I opted to have the guests pay via Paypal ( as well as the deposit) but there is no option to do this as far as I can see. I have sent numerous emails to all have been ignored. I am now out of pocket to the sum of €740 as although the guests have paid via the site I have not received any money. One has also paid via Virtual credit card, which I have no way of accessing. Any Ideas ?

1 year ago

I take 100 euros only, maybe this is low compared to others. I collect it as cash on arrival and give a receipt. Depending on the guest, it will be returned on check out, or if not, via PayPal, then I can just get their email in person. It gives peace of mind knowing it’s in hand as they get the keys, so you are covered for damage etc.

1 year ago

@Georgio . Are you sure guest paid online from AFAIK, never deal with payment, except your property commission invoice each month. expect us to collect the payment by ourselves when guest arrived, or by charging guest credit card(if guest provided card details, which most often is not, or blocked.)

1 year ago
Mario I.

Can someone please explain why we are charged 5 times more commission by B.COM at 15% when others like AIRBNB take a mere 3% and also take the hassle out of taking the damage deposit from the guests.

I too do not have credit card facilities to block the damage deposit, so I had to recently use Paypal to receive an amount of €500 as the deposit. By the time Paypal took their pound of flesh, I was left with €472.65! So by the time I refund them back their €500 I will be out of pocket by over €50! That's a joke!

I have a whole string of issues that B.COM needs to improve on...why can't I write my own description?

In one of my properties, Water & Electricity is charged extra...I needed to contact B.COM in order for them to add this to the 'fine print'. Again, hassle!

They have a huge page to take from AIRBNB who have made it a breeze to list your property with.

11 months ago

I Take Credit Cards. This is not written in the platform of, however, this is a quick and responsible way to take a security deposit and refund it back if all is in original condition. is not used to the platform of owners, just hotels. They seem to be trying to step up to the plate with the other sites, but are not doing a quick enough job.

This comment section hopefully will be read by a representative at bookings or it is only a complaint platform which is a waste of valuable time.

3 months ago

Hi Eleanor,

Great question. I’ve followed this up with the team at and they gave the following advice:

Typically you should send the guest your Paypal details so the deposit can be made. However, if the arrival is that early, it’s probably easiest to arrange this with the guest on arrival.
Paypal or bank transfer is good as it creates a ‘paper trail’ and you have proof of the payment and the refund. But cash on arrival works too, in which case it’s advisable for both you and the guest to sign a proof of payment and refund.

Don’t forget to share your experience with other partners :)

Good luck with everything,
1 year ago