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Complaint about bed too small: guests want a refund

Hello, my name is Thomas and I have a question.

Although I have just asked this question, but I think it did not work out. We rented our apartment for the first time through for 4 employees of a company. In our ad is stated that in the apartment is a bedroom with a double bed and in the living room a pull-out sofa bed. Therefore 4 people can stay in the apartment, even if it is small. In the past, the apartment was already rented to companies that had accommodated 4 people, even if it is cramped. These companies were satisfied. The current tenants are now complaining that it is too small for 4 people and want a refund. How should I behave? I would not like to make a refund of the paid amount. The company has booked the apartment for 3 weeks. Many thanks for your help Thomas Hörmann

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Is your apartment correctly described on BDc? Check you have listed the room sizes accurately.. If you are happy that all is correct. Then you could brazen it out. Explain to the guests this is what the company booked and your listing is accurate. Or you tell your guests you are happy to cancel the remaining days of the booking and will refund the COMPANY. Do not give any refund to the guests unless they themselves paid you.

10 months ago

No need to agrue with the guests. If they are not satisfied then just give a refund. It happens to me also ... If guests are not happy then be it just let them go. They will pay for the night/s they stayed only.

10 months ago