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connect booking calendar with another booking calendar

hi all
i'm new in booking.com and i'm still inserting my B&B on the site.
i have got a question for you can i connect 2 or 3 booking.com calendar each other?

here is my situation i have got an apartment with 2 different room (one with 3 beds and the other with 2 beds) and i want to rent just a room per time.
So i want that if someone makes a reservation for one of the 2 rooms at the same time the other room must not be reserved any more in the same dates.
thank you all in advance


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 Hi Francesco


No simply, you will have to manually manage it and close or reduce inventory for that second room, I would do it via the pulse smart phone app.

But the danger will be that someone in theory could book both while you are asleep.

9 months ago