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Contract terminated for a bogus allegation

Hello ! Is there anyone to help me since local partner support team is very inefficient and negligent.

I started working with from March 29, 2019 and worked till April15,2019 , hosted the guests of with utmost sincerity and got few good reviews as well.

Suddenly, on April 15,2019 they sent me a contract termination notice quoting Accommodation post is with incorrect address which is a complete false allegation as when I received the termination notice at that time I was hosting guests.

I called them more that 10 times and emailed them several times but they kept closing my property for bookings & when I start talking to partner service agent then at the beginning they talk nicely as usual; after ;passing them my property ID all of a sudden they act very suspiciously as if they found some weapon of mass destruction and does not reveal the real cause of the problem.

I asked them if you are not working with my property (whereas agoda, airbnb, hotels, tripadvisor are working with us ) then close my account and send my money that I earned but they said that they cannot do that unless the problem is resolved.

Can anyone tell me what I do now ? This is the first time I am experiencing such unjust and unprofessional acts from a company like





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Sounds like you need to go up the chain until you find someone that will actually help or at least clarify the situation. If you are dealing with the local office now, try the national office for your country.

In the first instance I would send the same message to every department on the extranet messaging system and your local office along with area manager, if you have one and see what comes back.

1 month ago