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Correcting Expedia disparities for 2+ night stays

I have set a +5.5% handicap for the rates on Expedia with 2 or more nights, which almost perfectly balances that somehow due to "technical difficulties" Google Search/Maps displays rates below the actual rates on expedia for 2+ night searches.

Previously I tested +5.2%, +5.3% and so on. I always need to wait 1-2 days for everything to update.

There is STILL, for some date ranges, a €1 gap where the Expedia/ rates are shown lower. Since the displayed rates are rounded I am trial-and-error testing...

Does ANYBODY know the exact amount I need to adjust the rates? Is it the same for all lengths of stay longer than 1 night? Is it the same for all booking windows?

Thanks for any input!

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Laura, Communi…

Hi Maximilian, thanks for your post. Don’t forget, this space is all about sharing your expertise with other partners. :)

Good luck on your partner journey!


1 year ago

Actually I think the question is valid as it involves parity and requires comparison to the BDC site and pricing AND is in BDCs favour if balanced correctly.

Firstly is your home currency the Euro?

Remember various OTAs are based all over the world which means our prices run through currency exchange systems for the ones that are not based the in the euro-zone. These are exchanged back again to display to the prospective guest, wherever they may be searching from so disparities can occur do to that along with rounding off/up/down. Therefore, I reckon you would need a complex algorithm linked to fluctuating exchange rates, something even very large companies, like OTAs, do not have in place.

This does not, of course, explain a 5% difference but can account for +/- 1euro.

1 year ago