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Don't have an Account Manager? - Why not talk to mine...

Ok, so I'm new here, but how does this sound for an idea ?

Person A lives in a country with great Account Manager... - has/she has an easy life.

Person B - lives in another country, without an Account Manager - or with a 'bad' Account Manager.


Person A - is reading this forum, and feels bad about how difficult it is for Person B, so they come up with a plan. - Person A calls his/her Account Manager, and asks them how do they fix a problem. ( The exact problem that Person B is having. ) - Person A can now help Person B. 

( Person B can then shop online and send nice gift items - back to Person A. )

This works - only if this is a 'user level' software solution.
- ( basically something we can fix ourselves, if we know how. )

The problem would be...  when the Account Manager says...  ah, to fix that problem - I need to modify your account settings - so I need to push this magic button on the server.

If the internet is 'global' - then why can't Person A - request assistance for Person B ?

I don't imaging 1,000's of people would suddenly start calling to help total strangers..
but it would be great if 'SOME' of us could ?

What do you guys think of his idea ?

JoeyKaterinka12  / fluff  /  Leandri Klopper Bandara Hotels & Resorts Thuild

Comments please...  

( But please - no dangerous 'religious jokes' allowed. )


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Thuild - Your …


"The problem would be... when the Account Manager says... ah, to fix that problem - I need to modify your account settings - so I need to push this magic button on the server.

If the internet is 'global' - then why can't Person A - request assistance for Person B ?"

This is why you cannot. Because accounts are the backbone of each listing and whenever you call the support team, only the authorized person can request modifications to the account, that's why BDC verifies the ownership of the account with detailed questions.

Hope that clarifies it.

Meanwhile, I accept gift for the help that I can provide, cash is my preferred gift :))

On a serious note, I offer hotelier consultancy and I can deal with a multitude of things related to the business on behalf of owners. That's why I run the franchise.

So maybe Person B can ask me for help directly by contracting services from me and/or joining the franchise where I can get everything done and settled quite fast (depending on the difficulty of a situation).

This so that you know what I actually do besides hosting my guests.


Zsolt -

11 months ago

Hi Mike,

In addition to Zsolt's very good point, I would like to add that account manager of country A to account manager B is not glibal.

Yesterday one forum member said she has to pay big penalties if she violates "tourist overcrowding" in her country. And in our already overpopulated country we don't have such law :)

And again, what is the language that is Global? Html? :) Account managers suppose to speak on the phone, and English is not necessarily language for them. Do we expect account manager in China handle problems of Jamaican manager?

How about duties and responsibilities? Culture differences? And most important - law differences in different countries?

11 months ago

Hi Zsolt - I get your point. if someone pays you - you will help them.
My idea relates to people helping people for free.

- Some problems would be 'Specific'... to a country law...
- Some problems would require... modifying the person's profile settings...
But there are 'MANY' problems that do not...

Where a Person A could ask - " How do i do this... " - then relate that information to Person B "

let me try this another way...
I'll will paint you a picture...

You are washing your hands - your ring drops down the drain - you get your hand stuck down the toilet. you don't have your phone... someone is walking past.. you ask them - help me !!

- they call the fire department... the fireman shows up and says
some said you need help - would you like me to help you get free?

That is 'all' we are talking about... helping someone who has 'no phone' number to call...

if this was possible - then a representative could 'email' the person who needs help - with detailed step by step how to fix the problem - and maybe a 'local number' to call, for more help.

it seems simple to me.

11 months ago

So nice when someone gives an idea the 'chance' to work... rather than starting with... " this idea will fail - because.... "

Thanks Joey.

I'm looking for people to be part of the solution.
- I don't need people telling me 'why they are so sure that the problem will never change'...

This is not a 'debate' - you do not need to defend the opposite of my idea... just to take part in the conversation...

11 months ago
Leandri Klopper

Hi MikeM ,

Grand idea!

I'm not shooting it down, but I severely doubt that it will launch.

This is because I met with my account manager the other day and he did explain it to me quite a bit. Every single property listed on has an account manager. They fall under the Area account manager, whether they are assigned to him/her or not, it's the area manager's duty to assist. Should they struggle, then there are channels to report bad management.

If I go to a Restaurant and I'm getting bad service. I'm not going to ask the table accross from me if they can help me with a better waiter, I'm going to make a scene with my own waiter and if that does not work I will ask for his manager... if that doesn't work I go above his head to the next manager. If that makes sense.

We will openly share advise, no problem. But literally assisting other partners with queries their account managers get Paid to do, I think I have too much work of my own. I 100% don't mind sending my account manager a list of questions that I've seen on the forum regarding specific things, but pinpoint "Oh my calendar doesn't work can you get an account manager to check" sort of queries - I wouldn't have the time nor do I think my account manager would like it considering he has an area of himself to run.

I like your forward thinking though! And we all share information as much as we can.

11 months ago
Thuild - Your …


I think that the issue at hand is the channel through which you can take it to an upper management level.

You still have that one channel, or two in some cases, but that's it. So getting to that top manager who should kick the behinds of the ones who ignore their properties for which they are responsible is the issue at hand.

I think that there isn't someone in the top team who would go through the messages and just check why did Sally send us 5 messages for the same ticket when it should have been solved with 2.

The customer support rep should be questioned about it by that manager. At least this is how management should work for support departments. When a conversation gets long, there might be unsolved issues or when the partner comes back with multiple messages on the same topic, then again, issue.

Action needs to be taken.

Laura, maybe you can give this advice to the support team management, it works well to provide better quality support for partners.

Best regards,

Zsolt -

11 months ago

Channels eh?

What is the correct way to go over my account manager's head? Has anybody done this or do I have to go into the extranet messaging black hole and hope, against the odds, for some useful advice.

In the past we have approached the Capital City office of the land to obtain decent advice but have recently found them to be uncontactable (endless menus to nowhere or phone rings out).

Laura, can I speak to you about my account manager and you pass the message on to the appropriate person/dept? I guess you could find my account manager from my account code anyway.

As for the fine idea, in initial thought at least, of sharing help from active account managers (aam), this is the main reason for this forum i.e. to lighten the load on the BDC teams. Members experienced in a certain subject can help those who are not. As for the practicality of sharing aams, very valid points have already been made.

I imagine the forum was conceived from complaints of BDC being inpersonal, diificult/slow to contact and certain staff being less than helpful. Boom! Friendly arena for sharing ideas or simply some venting some frustration! Very sensible but more input from BDC would be nice.

I also suggest a FAQ for the forum, as although still small there are plenty of repetitive questions. New members, especially, should be pointed here on sign up.

11 months ago
Thuild - Your …

Fluff, we already have some of those:



Of course, these need to be highlighted somehow, but mainly if people would use the Search bar, they would fine a whole lot of answers.

The search has to be made more appealing.

11 months ago
Leandri Klopper

Hey Zsolt,

I hear you. I understand exactly, and yes it may be a bit unfair that some areas have the good managers and might be able to assist partners on the forum. It's the Specific account queries that will still not be solved, and that's going to stay a problem until, like you say, we can follow the rabit all the way down the hole and find the ring master.

We should perhaps make this a group effort, the Send Feedback button on the messages tab should suffice? If enough people ask for the proper way of getting hold of their account managers, and also how to report bad service, via the feedback button then will give attention. We did it once before with another topic which I've now forgotten what it was. So in that way, we as partners are still helping each other. What do you think?

11 months ago
Leandri Klopper

Hey fluff ,

Well said!

I think the Knowledge base kinda counts as the FAQ. But if I look at it, a lot of the revelations I had whilst browsing the forum and discussing subjects with you all, is Not on that list.

I wonder if there is a dedicated email address that takes these types of suggestions? Would be interesting to know.

Keep well all

11 months ago