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Encantada Guest House

Hello Everyone,

My name is Nita and I am new to this forum. I own a small self catering Guesthouse in El Castillo de La Fortuna, Costa Rica. I have been on for 6 years and I am currently building an addition to my home and will be adding two new guest rooms as part of an upscale B&B scheme. Although I have a lot of experience with running the Guesthouse. The B&B will be a new adventure for me. Any constructive advice or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

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your first question should be: "Why should a guest choose my B&B and not the one of my neighbor". It is makes no sense making the same as your neighbor. So you should try to make something different and better. Original ideas are always welcomed by customers, so try and keep it simple (at least in the beginning until you get some experience) but at the same time do something different. Just as an example, Costa Rica has a lot of fruits, so propose a very large variety of fruits and fresh juices from those fruits. That might have a cost, but customers will be surprised and will remember it and write reviews about that, which will help your sales. I offer champagne with my breakfast, very few people drink it (so the cost is low) but everyone talks about it. That is the idea.

Good luck


1 year ago