Evicting Guests for repeatedly ignoring house rules that they clearly agreed to in advance of stay

I run a B&B from our home. I require my guests at time of booking to understand that quiet hours are between 10 pm and 7 am. These particular guests agree. They are spanish. I speak primarily English with some spanish. They speak zero english. At time of booking I also send out a welcome letter explaining in great detail expectations, checking in on time, cleaning up after yourself and being respectful of other guests, no tomfoolery around the pool and most especially no loud behaviour or parties. The first night, I was out and got home about midnight, so I do not know what their behaviour was like. I assume they went to bed early as they travelled far. The next night, I had to tell them twice to please be quiet after ten. They finally went to sleep at 12:30. I reported them for guest misconduct, because not only were they loud and obnoxious and made it an uncomfortable place for my other guests, they started draping their clothes and personal belongings all over in common areas, on my expensive furnishings, etc. I sent them a message on booking.com in spanish to clarify the house rules. This morning everything was cleaned up before they left However, they were gone all day and arrived home at eleven thirty pm only to be jumping and partying in the pool, turning on music, etc. I went down stairs and showed them a message on google translate asking them to please abide by the rules and that this is my house, not a hotel and it would be nice for them to be respectful of myself and other guests. The parents don't read, so they went and woke up their teenage daughter to read the message and then they said okay. They stayed around the pool area for another twenty minutes and I finally went down and asked them to go to bed sternly. They did but gave me dirty looks like I ruined their vacation. What I want to know is this. They are scheduled to be here two more nights and I really don't want them here. They are messy and rude and misbehave. Am I within my booking.com rights to evict them and still charge them? They broke rules they clearly agreed to and not once, but repeatedly   

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I send all communications and the welcome letter in spanish and the first line states that we are English speaking hosts trying to learn spanish. 

1 year ago