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Exclusive Customer Service

What do you think of an idea that Preferred Partners and Genius Partners have access to an exclusive CS phone number where they could be attended to faster and with greater level of quality? Airlines already implement this for their high level frequent flyers.

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Asad Chaudary

Sounds like a good idea, but i fear the likelihood of getting an acceptable resolution to any problems you may face would not be any different to how it is now.

1 year ago

I'm brand new and cannot find a toll free number to call

Cna someone help

1 year ago
George Kirykowicz

Why don’t you people have a customer service number to help people with questions. Ludicrous

6 months ago

I am also looking for customer services and cannot find. This site is not as efficient as it could be, For the fees paid I think it should be far easier to negotiate.

5 months ago

We are expected to be completely accessible to our guests but do not even have a customer service centre to assist us...their guests!

3 months ago