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Fake Service Dogs


Some of our rooms are pet friendly for a fee of $39.90 per night. Lately, we have seen a surge of guests who are bringing their "service dog" with them to avoid paying the fee. I appreciate the guests who expect to pay fees to bring their dog to the hotel. I'm thinking of putting up signs (like our local grocery market has done) stating "service dog fraud is a misdemeanor crime in California, punishable by six months in jail or a fine of up to $1,000, or both." It is difficult to enforce because people are not required to register their service dog. I think it's just awful for people to do that because legit service dogs are there to assist someone who really needs a service dog to function in life.   I doubt people with "fraud" service dogs realizes the thousands of training hours and cost to have a service dog.  Thoughts anyone?  

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there are abusing people everywhere...can not believe it....unfortunatly we have to put NO PETS ALLOWED...I had a client that did not respect any of the rules with a german shephard..

1 year ago