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Family room for 4 but on site shows only 2 can book?

I have a deluxe family room that can sleep 4. It's usually set up with 1 double bed & if required I put in 2 x singles. Under 'Standard Occupancy' only option is 4 adults! When I go to 'view your property online' it says no availability if you try and book for any more than 2 adults. I am clearly losing bookings because of this. I have checked extra bed & cot options and put £15 per extra bed when available. I've checked occupancy and supplement pricing. How do I set it up is available for 2-4 occupants depending what is required. On site it shows there is 1 double + 2 singles, so if 3 guests want to stay but in 3 separate beds, it doesn't offer that option, it just charges for 3 guests, (as 1 double + 1 single) so I have been caught short on a few occasions and had to rush in another bed at no extra cost. The guest sees there are 4 bed icons and presumes that 4 beds are always set-up. It's driving me crazy.


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Aaltje B.

Hi Linci

I have put your question in section above in search tap and I put it like this:

How do I set up extra beds , cots and cribs for my property?

It gave a good answer.

It is not ideal yet, and BDC is working on a more direct link so people can see instantly what is available, but as for now, potential bookers have to read first. (And most don't)

So I would take photo's of your possible situation and write in it whatever suits your situation.

That is the quickest way to explain. Something like "4 persons on request only."

Hope this helps,

Let us know how things worked out!


Aaltje B.

5 months ago

Hi Lincibirinci,

I have a similar problem but get round it by having my family room bookable as a basic price for 4 people, 3 people, 2 people. Unfortunately BDC don't seem to factor in my child prices (4-14 years £20) so I'm sure I lose out on family bookings because these aren't explained...but it's the only way I've got round it. Any families with one or two children that do book I explain to them when they arrive and adjust the price on BDC, which they always appreciate.

In the calendar my family room is therefore divisible by 4 people, 3 people and 2...I think this was initially set up by request so write and ask the powers that be!

Hope this helps a bit


5 months ago

Thank you both for your comments, I have just written to BDC and asked for activation of derived pricing so it adjusts price according to occupancy. Many thanks

5 months ago