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fixed per booking cleaning fee

Question from a Host:

How can hosts add a 1 time fixed cleaning fee to each booking - in the guest facing pricing?

The closest possible topic is maid service which is optional.  Cleaning fee at my property is not an option.  All guest must pay a 1 time cleaning charge in the amount of $110 per stay.  I don't wish to pro-rate this expense into daily rent since the service is performed once on check out to prepare the property for the next guest.

I do not see any way to add a fixed 1 per booking cleaning fee per this article, neither in Property > Policies nor in Property > Facilities and Services as described in this help article


Screen shots of policies and facilities pages below.

Screen shot provided attached.


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You need to contact as it looks like they've given you the wrong Policies template. I've added a £45 cleaning fee per booking and this is what my Policies look like:

As you can see I've got an "additional fees and charges" option. When set up the correct template for you, make sure you select "not included in the price" and it will be added on to the quote - with no commission either!

I hope that helps,


1 year ago

Only Booking com can add a cleaning fee and security-damage deposit. The functionality is not available for hosts to perform these tasks online in the extranet. That is what Frederic told me when I called into Host-Customer-Service. Furthermore, cleaning deposits can only be added by phone by Host-Customer-Service and it will show up instantly in Property > VAT/Taxes/Charges. (see attached screen shot) Security-Damage Deposits are to be requested in Property > Your Descriptions > Fine Print (see attached screen shot)

It appears the online help article is out of date for new hosts.

It appears the functionality for hosts to add-update cleaning fees remains available for some hosts and so the help article applies only to them. It appears that new host accounts going forward do not have online controls to add-update cleaning fees.

1 year ago