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Is the Forum failing to help us

I think this Forum is a wonderful way for hotels and to work together to improve ours and guests experiences

I do note a lot of dissatisfaction by many hotels about all sorts of things especially the Review system,declined credit cards and guests ignoring requests for  clearer requests for approximate arrival times

At the end of the day the Forum is nothing unless takes on board suggestions from hotels and actually responds to hotels concerns

So far the only response from management about any of the areas of concern expressed by hotels is to fiddle with the declined card situation prentending you could not request cancellation 24 hours before -which you could if you phoned up and insisited and not letting us REOPEN A ROOM UP UNTIL 3PM ON ARRIVAL DAY - ABSOLUTELY USELESS FOR US- IT SHOULD BE 24 HOURS BEFORE ARRIVAL TO GIVE US CHANCE TO RESELL THE ROOM

So come on lets see a response from a SENIOR MANAGER about all the concerns being expressed with some real action that helps us

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Agreed. Whats the point.

1 year ago

The last paragraph

No response from the person looking after the Forum at to anything in the post

1 year ago