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Gain Credibility In All Areas

TripAdvisor is still an important area to gain feedback in, and of course in any booking engines you are in, but three years ago we had a Google Guy stay with us who made it very clear the area we needed to improve and keep up to date.

Our Google profile, he said, is our biggest asset. He told us to concentrate on getting Google reviews and ratings, pointing out that when we do that Google will automatically boost our page rating, our profile and the more people comment and rate, the better our page performance will be and the more organic traffic and booking we'll get. 

We implemented that strategy straight away and immediately saw big results. Make sure ALL the details are correct on Google, from map position, to directions, phone number and address. Ask people to rate you on Google and watch what happens in just a few weeks.

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Robert Daniel


How do you set up google for your accomodation please? I'm new to airbnb and and have only one room at the moment (bed and breakfast)


Kath Donohue

1 year ago
Robert Daniel

Hi Kath, start here

Fill in everything about your business. Apply to get verified, make sure also you place your location correctly and with the right name in Google maps.
If you get stuck there’s a help section, or if you need a hand let me know 👍🏼😊
Refer guests to the page for reviews.

1 year ago