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Guest is scaring me!

Hi all,

I am having a guest who booked my apartment at a non-refundable rate. A day after the booking was made the guest messaged me asking to cancel the booking and return the money. Trying to be nice I offered to return 50% of the payment (even though T&C state that in case of cancellation the money won't be returned at all). They came back saying that they are shocked by lack of service from my side and expressed their total dissatisfaction. In return I asked them to explain the reasons of the cancellation so that it is more clear to me why I have to cancel their booking free of charge. I did not mind cancelling for free but I really wanted to know their reasons. After a day of silence they replied saying that they are very unhappy but it is fine to leave all as it is. They promised to give bad feedback about their experience and "warn" the other potential bookers so that they won't stay at the apartment. 


What will you do if you were me...? Is BDC providing any sort of support to partners in this kind of situations, you know? 

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