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Guest showing up with more people than booked

 Hi there,

We now have had a couple of occasions, where guest had booked/paid for 2, but then showed up with a child (of various ages) in tow, expecting us to accommodate all of them in 1 room/bed.

We have charged our extra person fee in one occasion and received a bad review - we have not charged extra fees and have also received a bad review (they rate us down on staff and comfort!).

We are at a loss on how to handle this without getting a bad review score! is not prepared to delete those reviews, or if they are anonymous or without comments at least giving us as the accommodation provider a chance of reply.

Is there anybody who can share their experience, who had a positive review outcome in such situations?

Many thanks for your tips in advance.






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M Adamopoulou

Katerinka I agree that we all have so many different situations in hosting.

-Aaltje-B- shared with us a beautiful experience with her playing the flute and her guest the piano. That kind of hosting I like and try very much to have such experiences.

6 months ago

"I hope he was uncomfortable!"


Some people just should not be in hospitality!


Time passed and I became more experienced in how to deal in different situations. I would like to remind everyone (including myself), that the host has the right to DENY ENTRY to the guest who disrespected his policy.


There is a saying: trouble never comes alone. Talk to the guest, try to see if his situation was really unexpected or he is just playing games. Sometimes it's even cultural thing - I often have Chinese and Korean clients who book for 1 person and then bring 7 people. 


That's why we notify them ahead of time about our strict policies on number of people and disrespecting them will result in no entry. Some just cancel the booking. 


If you feel that person is problematic then do not start relationship with him. Let him walk his own life path and find a better host. 


I also made this mistake in the past - accepting obviously problematic person and then crying over a bad review. When first it's me, who closed the eyes on extra people and other things, that the host MUST CHECK.


Why would Booking not allow them to leave the review? The problematic guest really WAS in your place and had Relationship with you, that YOU allowed! That's why either start suffering or deny it! 


I became very FIRM and clear on my rules and how I communicate with guests and make them aware of my rules ahead of time. Suffering disappeared! No more bad reviews. 


BUT if I accepted the guest, it means I have started relationship with him. And for me, I will never be happy to see my guest suffering irregardless who was aware of what. If it's in my capacity to make his stay more comfortable, I will do that. After all he is the guest and it's my honor to be a Good HOST. A hero 😊 


If you jumped into it, then enjoy it! 

1 month ago

Communication is the key to success!


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