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Guests not reading messages

As soon as we receive a booking, we message the guest arrival details, directions, map, etc (we use a self check in keybox system), but our guests so often don't read this (the AirBnB ones always seem to), so are the emails going to Junk? I have started also texting guests to check their email or sign in to and read their messages, but sometimes we get a landline number so this doesn't work. At 1am this morning (our stated check in times are 3pm-6pm although this shouldn't matter with the self check in system), I received a call from a Chinese couple, who hadn't read the details, and had to talk them through finding the property, and the keys. IS THERE A WAY OF ENSURING THAT THE MESSAGES GET TO THE GUESTS?

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In most regions bcc offers an automated email response system, however you need to switch it on. These emails are accessed by guests through the site and should be available to guests on mobile phones. Similarly bcc asks you to give directions to your stay. If you have a private website with a map and directions this may help.

We also find guests do not read accomodation descriptions thoroughly. Some Partners make a sign or map and photograph it so that it can be uploaded as a picture. Guests notice pictures more than small print.

1 year ago

The guest telefone you send me doesn't work and i have no reply from my email I sent him . Carlos Uebel

1 year ago
Aaltje B.

The templates don't work for me. The subjects are simply not related. like the nearest airport etc. What I would like is just simply describe how to get to us, instead of having to write over and over again to coming guests. And ...yes, most don't read. Telephone numbers given are the ones from home-country, so doesn't help if they have a different phone here in NZ . I have gone great lengths to explain people where we live, and still I get complaints that it's hard to find. There must be an easy and simple method for us to add and for people to read, even before guests arrive here. I have added lately that MAPS.ME is a great off-line alternative for navigation, but again, people don't read about it, so why download the app....

I have just made my own map and coloured it in with clear road names and arrows. There are still too many guests getting lost, and honestly, it is most frustrating having to hunt for people, in an area where is no reception and where the roads can be muddy when rainy, where there is no one around to ask apart from sheep and cows. It's hard! boooh.

btw where do I attach my map if only booked people are allowed to read. Anyone?

5 months ago