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Guests trashed, can I charge?

We had a party of 8 in two quad rooms. They just trashed room, had a massive food fight and left chips, chicken wings and fish on the floor walls and smeared over the bedding.Paintins were taken off the wall and thrown around, lamps left on the floor, water everywhere. Thwy also smoked in the rooms and disturbed other guests at 3am.

What can I do? I have reported them to but can i charge a cleaning fee to their credit cards?

I do have a sign in the rooms that we charge a €50 fine for smoking in the rooms.


Any advice here would be very welcome.

Thank you

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"Paintins were taken off the wall"?

That was not an accidental damage. If I were in your shoes:

1) seek for some evidence. Photos, of course. Admin report, independent specialist report, police report. Whatever works in your country.

2) charge, charge and charge, while their credit card works. The bank will not protect them unless they are VIP or special conditions, insurance, etc. And let them later explain how they didn't smoke.. How they didn't throw chicken wings at your walls.. And if they can assure government they just had little fun as kids, here you are to return their money for their "entertainment"

10 months ago

By the way, I forgot to tell you, that keeps distance for any Damages. As from each country to another one, totally different laws and amounts for it (one country thinks $50 is big, another one thinks its a joke. Not to mention salaries involved).

As for Airbnb they allocated some budget, that they use in aggressive campaigns, but still it takes some stress to get a small payment.

In other words, Damages is your own responsibility. You can prevent them a bit in furure (read post "How to take damage deposit").

Can you update us, what is the status now? And why there was a party in your place? What actually happened?

10 months ago
Thuild - Your …

Report it to the police, put all photos of the evidence into the file and file a complaint for damages and for a settlement on the repairs/cleaning.

For what you've described, I would be charging at least 300 Euros, just so that they learn. That means painting the walls again, buying new bedsheets, etc. Heck, I would charge even more because the room will fail to make a profit for the time it is unavailable to be put back into sale.

You can also go to court against them after you file a police report (to prove you've taken action).

Do not give up and don't rely on BDC to help because they won't.

I have damages done lately to a piece of furniture that needed capital repair. They dodges payment (Virtual Card by BDC so I couldn't charge their card) and I have reported it to the police. Only the trips he will make to come back to my city to be interrogated will cost him more than the repairs, so lesson hopefully learned for him. Oh and the police will force him to pay the damages.

Best of luck,

Zsolt -

10 months ago