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Help! Cant update Min Stay

despite following the instructions  i dont HAVE a drop down arrow which gives the "Min Stay" button? Can anyone help with this.

If i open "Edit rates" its not there nor under Rooms to sell??


Thanks Julie

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Mr. Fay(费伊恩)

hi, friend, please open the canlendar and see if you see yellow or red bar below the name of your rooms, if yes, you certainly can not edit anything because your room is marked not available. Accordingly, you can just simply hit the yellow or red bar until it becomes GREEN, then you can go ahead to edit it. Cheers!

11 months ago
Mr. Fay(费伊恩)

if you still cann't, please install a screenshot extension in your FIREFOX browser, then take a screenshot of your Extranet, then post the screenshot image at here, so that we can see more clearly, and more people will be able to assits you., CHEERS!

11 months ago

I think you need to set a 'Rate Plan'... first...

" A rate plan is a profile that allows you to set a cancellation policy, include meals, manage pricing, and choose how far in advance guests can book and their length of stay. "

My Rate plan is called 'Basic'...

and you can see the 'drop down Arrow' - next to that...

Good luck, I hope this helps...

10 months ago