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How can i improve my facilities rating ?

Hi.we have just totally renivated 2 suites in France we have.opened as a bnb ..these have top of the range everything ..including satelite tv .32 in flatscreen Dvd player.kettle with tea coffee .biscuits etc beds .bedding ..everything ...i provide towels..and a new fridge ..also new and good quality ...and hand wash..but sometimes are still only getting 7.5 for facilities ...outdoors we have a covered hot tub ..bbq area ..outdoor seating..and trampoline swings and games ...seating area inside the rooms and out.. can anyone advise what else we need...for 2 people my room costs €35 including my face people are saying how good it is..yet i am getting a bit down with these scores... most of my guests are french
Any suggestions welcome

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Great facilities. You can try to explain guests at check in or out about rating. To give more than 7.5 if they really enjoyed your facilities.
We just can't keep their each wish fulfilled.
Scoring does take some time. Personal communication is best approach. In my view. I am working on same issue too.

1 year ago

Im in the same positon. I do get quite a few 10 with regarding rating but when it comes to facilities, I am only getting 7's... Only one way to know is asking the guests...

1 year ago
Sarah Heard

This is also something I am struggling with - the same as Lee above, nearly all 10´s but 7´s for facilities despite having pretty much everything we can think of in the apartment. Not too sure how to fix this but hopefully adding another voice to this thread might help. Any advice welcome.


7 months ago


Great question! To make sure other partners can find it, please give your post a specific and straight-forward title. You could edit it to something like "How could I improve my facilities ratings"?

Thanks again for posting :)

1 year ago