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How can I see customer credit card details?s

How can I set up Booking.COM to allow me to see customer credit card details?  I setup to accept credit card details.  However when customer book my place, i am not allowed to view the credit card details nor receive the virtual credit card as stated by

How do I setup proper?





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Erin Weigel

I don't know if this applies to your case, but if you go to the reservation page and look in the right sidebar, you should see a button that says, "View credit card details". What I found out through calling their service department is that you can only access the CC details 3 times within 10 days of the initial booking before they're removed from's systems.

For security reasons, they also make you log in again to access the CC details, so they're not just sitting out on people's screens to be looked at. That means it's up to you to securely store that data.

So, make sure you that you click that button "View credit card details" within the first ten days the booking was made. After that, they're gone forever and you have to ask the guest for them directly.

I'm not sure what the deal is with "virtual credit cards", but when I first signed up I also wasn't seeing CC details and it was because I wasn't accessing them fast enough. I was waiting until closer to the date the guest was meant to check-in, not immediately after the booking was made. Hope this helps! If not, please give more details about the context in which you're trying to access the information.


1 year ago