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How to create a new room category?


 I manage an older hotel where we have many different types of rooms and rates. I added the first two, Rooms 1 & 2, and that worked well, so I want to include Room 7 in the Room Category, plus open a NEW Room category for rooms, 3,4,5 etc.

 I've been clicking tabs for 20 minutes. :-0

 EDIT: Just found how to add new room types.

So FYI: Go to your tabs up top, Click PROPERTY, from that drop down menu Choose ROOM DETAILS, and it will show the categories you have, and give you the option of CREATE A NEW ROOM.

 So there ya go. I'll just leave this here in case anyone else can use the info.

 Chris Wolfe,

 GM, Mangos Beachfront Resort

 Subic Bay,


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Thuild - Your …

Dear Chris,

I enjoy your epiphany on this matter.

Glad you got it sorted out.

The one thing I would add, is:

- make sure that you correctly select the room type for each room as it may lead to bad reviews if you don't

- make sure to group rooms that are the same, i.e. Room 1-2 might be the same so create just 1 room type for them, enable 2 availability on it

Best regards,

Zsolt -

1 year ago
Chris Wolfe @ …

Thanks, Zsolt.

Yeah, it's a hotel built up from 7 original rooms, none of which are the same, so with the original 7 rooms and the new rooms we had 8 categories on 15 rooms, lol.

I'm streamlining that a bit. I'm down to 4-ish, lol.

Thanks for the feedback.


1 year ago