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How to delete a discount for "mobile"



I would like to delete the discount for "mobile", I can't find it on "promotions page".

It was a kind of discount I made through the "oppotunities" page.

Thank you for your help


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Just contact BDC through extranet messaging, under the promotions option and let them know you wish to cancel the promo.

Can someone explain to me why this particular promo can ever be good for property, it totally escapes me. The only result I can see is the migration of PC users over to mobile app., so why offer a discount for that, when you already have both?

3 months ago
M Adamopoulou

I have personally asked BDC support team about deleting discount for "mobile" and they informed me that this can only be done by BDC after requesting it.

fluff, very good question you have....

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3 months ago