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How do other hotels cope with excavation/building work adjacent to your property?

I am sure many other properties have had a neighbour who started noisy building work just as your guests arrive to enjoy a peaceful holiday. (I apologise if this topic has already been discussed - I could not find anything).

We had the property adjacent to us demolished, then excavated by a pneumatic digger to make a hole for a basement, and we are now in the construction phase with brick slicing and cement trucks arriving. This is compounded by the arrival of chatting builders at 06:30 to start at 07:00am accompanied by the obligatory builder's radio noise. We have survived to-date and are now in the 'not so noisy phase' - the pneumatic digger being the worse as it made our building vibrate! 

We initially tried warning people before they arrived, and that led to a cancellation. To our annoyance, the building site was silent for the week as they decided not to come but worked on another of their sites! As you can imagine, that was not the ideal decision. We then opted for playing it by ear and consoling guests who were upset. I found talking to guests about how we attempted to oppose the work and our struggles to have it postponed until the off peak season which failed as the demolished property was not on the official designated tourist road (being the road with the sea view) but in a side road instead. We got some sympathy and some guests did not even mention it in their reviews - for which we were grateful.

In short - I would be interested to hear how others have coped with this type of thing. Our solution was to engage the guest with the details expressing how we really did not know from day to day what disruption there could be (which is true - after cement pouring it goes quiet for three weeks!). 

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Leandri Klopper

Hi there,

Thanks for the post!

Interesting topic. We warn our guests beforehand even if it leads to a cancellation. Yes, it's a tad annoying but it doesn't affect your Score on, which then doesn't influence your future bookings on

Short and sweet reply, hoping our partners also have other inputs!

Keep well.

10 months ago
M Adamopoulou

Yes I always warn my guests. Since they come to my place for relaxing noise is not something they would like. It’s better to have a cancellation than to have unhappy guests.

10 months ago
Benita Cyster

thanks for raising this topic - I have the same experience but that is not just 1 plot but a development of 60 new upmarket houses - developing noise quite low at times, but the dust in summer ( it seems its a 3 year project thus ) affecting guests experiences at the pool area as well as enjoying outdoors breakfast. I had the note posted on the site, the majority of guests stayed as they understand, I was lucky too i think and had a few cancellations though - I fully refunded them and assisted them with new accommodation elsewhere. They were happy when they left - I do believe thus being up front with all happenings in ones area and surrounds do leads to happier and returning guests.

10 months ago

I think we can all agree that honesty is the best policy. A guest who feels you hid this fact from them is not a happy guest!

10 months ago
M Adamopoulou

Yes of course honesty is the best policy. Nobody likes to go for holidays and suddenly realize that he is in a construction!!!!

10 months ago
Bandara Hotels…

You really need to explain to your guest and they have to understand that is not hotel cannot control this. Also you have to show that you care about them try to please them in the way your can. And you have to talk with construction site to find the best way for both of you, e.g. start work later and finish earlier.

10 months ago
Thuild - Your …

Dear Akwador,

From my experience, these issues are dealt with in this way to make it as professional as possible:

- create a fine print notice/booking automated message that you have a construction going on in the area, guests see this when booking before or immediately after, avoiding bad situations

- because you're a registered business and an accommodation unit, you have laws that protect you and your business (hopefully your country does), go to the mayor's office, file a complaint and a demand for solutions to ease the process for you

- usual solutions include the constructor setting up a temporary vegetation wall (usually comprised of tall dust catching trees or bushes that block off the dust coming from the construction site as well as a soundproofed insulated wall they are obligated to install

- if the mayor's office doesn't solve it for you (obligating the constructors) then you go to court and usually you can block the whole construction because of this, trust me, they will get things done rather than having a blocked construction site and month long delays

- whenever someone is building something (at least here) they have to ask for the permission of the neighbors to do the so called construction, this is the best time to find solutions for upcoming issues

Hope that help for the future for all of you,

Zsolt -

10 months ago