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How does popularity rating work?


When you login to Extranet there is Search results views, Property Views and Popularity blocks in Home page.

Has anyone figured out how "Your popularity" stats works? Does it depends on number of bookings, price, views, etc?
It shows your popularity comparing with all other listing in your city/area.

So if you are 200/220, so I suppose your property is not "popular" at all, if you are like 100/220 when your property is "popular".


I have one property which is listed for more than 1 year and Popularity rating is low.
I just added another property got 2 bookings, and blocked calendar till February (change of plans).

At the moment my second property has much better Popularity rating than my first property which has bookings, open calendar.

So anyone knows how this Popularity rating is calculated? Do we get higher in search results if our popularity rating is better?



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Thuild - Your …

Dear Marius,

The popularity is your placement in the search results. No 1, means you're the first property shown in the list for potential guests.

There is a constant fluctuation of the popularity, you can see my stats here:

Now, the reason for this could be the following:

- other top properties are sold out, therefore you're going up in the list

- others have better pricing, therefore they end up higher

- the ones with better reviews come to the top

- the ones with the most availability and amount of current bookings go way up in the top

- preferred partners are also higher in the list

- promotions applied in the period can also increase your rank

- new properties appear higher for a limited time

I hope these answered all of your questions.

Best regards,

Zsolt -

8 months ago