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How to fignt the indoor smokers?

Hello everyone! 

I own two studo apartments in Spain, and even though we have no smoking signs, a clause in  terms&conditions that it´s prohibited to smoke ()that we get each guest to sign), and we also ask the guests personally not to smoke inside, it´s ever so often they just ignore all that. 

I´m thinking of adding a fine if any odour of smoke is detected upon their check-out, but the problem with smoke is that it´s just that - smoke, no way of demonstrating a proof in case of a dispute. 

It´s just a pain to get the smell out, and given that we only have 2 apartments, I can´t direct my other guests to another location until we get the smoke stench out. 

Wondering if anyone has come up with any genius solutions?

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Veronika Group

Most hotels have a deep cleaning fee for when guests smoke in a non-smoking room or they set up a fine for smoking. If the guest ignores the rules, you are allowed to charge them that fine especially since they signed that they agree with the rules.

1 year ago
Thuild - Your …

Dear Zvirgzdina,

Install extremely loud smoke detectors in the ceiling, especially one that cannot be tempered with.

This will reduce the issue to almost 0. some are tricky and put plastic bags wrapped around it (had only one case).

Yet still you need to charge them a fine or a full on extraction professional cleaning fee (can go up to 100-200 euros depending on the size of the place), just send them the invoice after it's done (so in case of dispute you have hard evidence, they don't).

Best of luck,

Zsolt -

1 year ago
Asad Chaudary

Thanks the useful guidance. I think it may still be challenging to get the guest to accept the charge once they have departed the property, especially if they block their credit card from any further payments being made against it.

1 year ago

Loud smoke detectors and an advance deposit for smoking. The money will be returned on check out day after the property is inspected. Car rentals do put a hold on your credit card until the vehicle is returned and checked for damage.

I live on property so that easily deters guests from smoking in their room.

We did have a guest smoke weed in his room and thought it was OK because it was just a small joint. You just can't make this stuff up.

1 year ago
Veronika Group

This is why you should set up a fine in your House Rules and then make the apartment subject to inspection before the guest leaves. If they smoked, you should charge them that flat fine. Since you do not know the exact deep cleaning cost, make the fine high enough so that it will be enough to cover that cost.

1 year ago
Sue Norris56

Fortunately I live on the premises. I take a £100 damage deposit in cash on arrival and return it to the guest as they are leaving so if something's not right, I am able to sort it out with them there and then.

1 year ago