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How to stop Same Day Bookings?

For some reason seems to have changed their settings that involve same-day-bookings. We do NOT want guests to make same-day-bookings.

The HELP pages here: /en-gb/help/reservations/how-can-i-stop-guests-booking-and-arriving-same-day refer to a setting/option called "Click Minimum Advance Reservation on the right-hand side of the page." however, I see no such option.


Any help appreciated.

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hello Joey,

and thanks for the kind response.

Unfortunately there is no setting for not allowing same day bookings. The area you refer to is only for cancellations requests and other such settings.

I am trying to disallow guests to book and turn up on the same day.

the help page I referenced specifically discusses such a settings-option (i.e. we are supposed to be able to select how many days in advance a reservation can be made). yet there is no such feature apparently.

It appears updated various features but removed this crucial one.

1 year ago
Asad Chaudary

I remember there used to be a setting under Property > Policies to allow/disallow same-day bookings, but it no longer seems to be there.

Interestingly, I also notice that my cancellation grace period has been extended from 14 days to 4 weeks (which is the default minimum period).

1 year ago

Thanks Asad.

This is really another TERRIBLE update by

Hopefully they will correct this and allow for the disabling of same-day-bookings.

1 year ago

YIKES, that's horrible! I feel for you.

And it's more-or-less exactly why we don't allow these same-day-bookings.

Our channel managing software has this set-up perfectly. And it worked on also, until very recently.

Thank you for the feedback, despite it being pretty depressing! :)

1 year ago
Leandri Klopper

Hi Tania,

Sorry to hear about your struggles.

The Min Advance Reservation is a Tool used in the Calendar. It's really easy to get it back, you literally just send a message to via your Extranet and request it back.

When I set up all my properties I was able to send a messages asking for specific tools to use in the Calendar (Such as block arrival, min stay etc.) and they added it within a day.

Best of luck!

1 year ago

Thanks Leandri.

Here's an update, in case someone has similar issues:

I sent a message via the Extranet.

Got an email response, saying I needed to call. Called, and was transferred to "Accommodation Services Team".

They said that the setting is under Calendar. However, I again mentioned that I can't see such a setting.

She then informed me that it may be BLOCKED by our Channel Manager.

Channel manager is ThinkReservations with correct 1 day advance booking settings.

Luckily the CSR manually set the Minimum Advance Reservation to one on my request.

I have now also sent a request to our Channel Manager for clarification and explanation: either release the blocked setting at, or make sure settings in ThinkReservations properly propagate over.

1 year ago
Tropical Oasis…

To avoid theft and damages MEET all incoming guests, And verify Identity with them providing a government photo ID (take a cell phone picture of it). Never allow reservations made less then 24 hours before check-in. In my experience last minute reservations are Prostitutes and drug dealers and will steel and damage your property.

1 year ago