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How to take breakfast orders via IPad for visually impaired worker?

Hello everyone. 

We are 12 months and 2 days into running a small guest house (9 rooms) in North Wales.

My step daughter is very visually impaired. As she has moved back in to live with us, she has offered to occasionally help out when we are serving breakfast. 

One possibility is she could take orders from guests. Unfortunately, she cannot see enough to write on normal order slips. Like all people in their early 20s she is able to use a phone or tablet. I was wondering if we could set up an iPad to capture the info and send it to a printer in the kitchen 

Does anyone know of a free / very cheap application we could use as an experiment to see if she can take the orders successfully please?


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Thank you fluff. I will have a look at that app - unfortunately the visually impaired lady is an Apple Addict and doesnt like Android systems at all but I will work on her!


2 months ago