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I am having difficulty to add directions to my property

 I am from Mongolia and our property is located in a countryside where there is no road signs or no free wifi access. I am having problem to show the directions to my property. How can my guests find my place where there is no road sign. 

Can offer any solution such as What-3-Words so that our guests can use something like that works offline and will show them the directions. 




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Thuild - Your …

Dear Venera,

You will need to talk to BDC about this as it's a very unique situation and surely they know better what can be done.

As most of us live in populated areas with addresses and roads, we don't encounter these type of issues.

You can send BDC a message in the extranet under Inbox tab.

Best regards,

Zsolt -

11 months ago

Venus - love the idea of using What-3-Words.
I will send it in to support your suggestion.

11 months ago