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I have 3 rooms which can be king or twin - how to ensure the booking process tells me the guest preference?

So, I have 6 rooms, 3 are permenant king and 3 have the zip lock system so can be king or twin. 

They are advertised as king or twin on the site, but I have the devils own job getting guests to tell me in advance which type of bed set up they want when they book. 

I'm looking for an easy way for the guest to select at the time of booking what they want

Advice is gratefully received!



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Magda Encarnacao


I am not sure what can I be doing wrong as I do not see that "Alternative Arrangement" you have in your picture... Mine looks like this:

Any idea?

Thank you in advance!

11 months ago


Did that answer your question?

I think I'm in a similar situation. I would like guests to need to choose a double or twin configuration before the booking can proceed.

I also have a room that can be double plus single or 3 singles - I feel bad when a guest arrives and the room is not ready how they would prefer even though they have not indicated.

Did the above suggestion fix this issue for you . I think I already have alternative configuration loaded but I'm still getting bookings with no preference indicated.


10 months ago

Hi Lena,

Great question. I’ve followed this up with the team at and they gave the following advice:

Ensure your rooms are listed as Twin/Double. Then, under Property > Room details you can choose the alternative bed configuration as seen below.

Thanks for posting and forget to share your experience with other partners :)

Good luck with everything,

1 year ago