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Is it possible to let our property owners know the reason of a cancellation of an reservation in the Extranet?

yes, I believe I am getting awarded by because I just find another bug of the online booking system for the boss of the

This bug is that the Extranet is failured is unable to let our property owners know the reason of a cancelled booking in the Reservation Cancellation email notification and the Extranet message box either.

To fix this problem, simple, just ask the Extranet software developer to add an new line code in the source code of the Reservation Cancellation email notification. The new line code is that let the Guest to choose the following cancellation reason:

1. My travelling schedule is changed.

2. I dislike the property service.

3. My VISA DEBIT card payment wasn't go through, and my reservation was cancelled by customer service due to an in-secur payment.

4.Someone else suggested me to switch with another property.

5.No reasons, just cancel please.


Accordingly, if our landlords know the reason of a cancellation timely, then we could improve our service timely, then could receive more online reservation! Ypa!

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Thuild - Your …

Dear Fay,

You will not have this option as it doesn't really matter why they've cancelled, at least not for 90% of the properties.

The fact is, they cancelled and you cannot do anything about it than to charge the fees if applicable.

Why would it be your business to know why they cancel?

Do you call every property you book with to tell them why you're not coming or you just simply tell them you don't come.

It's about sharing unnecessary information that doesn't change the outcome. That is why this option will not be available for us.

Also take into count, that many people book multiple properties for the same days and then cancel some of them. Stupid behavior, yes, but you cannot change it.


Zsolt -

1 year ago

Dear Mr Fay,

I think that is a good 'Feature' idea - and the developers should consider adding to this platform.

But I don't think you should be calling it a 'bug' - That means an error, when something is not working properly. What you are suggesting is a 'Missing Feature' - that will make the site better.

I think some people would be interested to know, if that information was available.

For the same reason - when you unsubscribe from an email mailing list - they ask you why - because someone, somewhere cares.

Also, from a technical point of view, even if the customer was not willing to give a reason, the developers could track if the customer made multiple bookings on the same dates - then cancelled all but one, or maybe even 'all' the bookings.

I would not call this 'stupid' behavior, but simply 'a booking style'...

Cover all bets, then confirm only the best option. - if they can do this without any penalty, why would they want to take the risk not not getting the best deal. ( they would be 'stupid' not to do this. )

With a booking tracking feature, the developers and if they allowed it - some of us - would be able to see that this customer has 5 properties booked... so there is a 1:5 chance the booking will confirm... or if he only has one site booked, there is a much better chance of this booking showing up.

These are only my opinions - I do not work for BDC. ( Booking Dot Com ) but I will not pretend to know what is or is not important, to someone else. I can only speculate, and give an educated guess.

also - keep in mind, 90% of people who quote random statistics online, are wrong.

Love & Peace,

1 year ago

Who 'declares' - [ Answered ] ? I'm curious...

Because, I don't agree.

You have a valid question, and two non BDC employee - offering opinions... but No Official Answers.

Or are you 'Endorsing' - Thud's opinion - as an official Answer ?

1 year ago
Mr. Fay(费伊恩)

I aggree, adding a computerized comprehensive guests behavior analysis system and report into the Extrannet for our landlords will be very helpful to improve our services because a machine doesn't LIE !!

Last night, I waited for a group of guests almost middle night for a last minute Non refundable booking, after they walked into my house, the wife suddenly changed mind, that she was lie on me, that she said she found there's difference looking of the room comparing with the listing pictures. OK, I questioned her show me which exactly area of the room and pictures looked different, that I asked for a listing picture on Booking.Com. Then she changed words with feeling no good because she couldn't show me the listing pictures I asked for, then she changed words again with she accurately wanted bigger room. At the time, in facing 5 people, the landlord, her kids, her husband, she changed words three times in one minute in response to my request for a reason of cancelation. Most professional read into this story should be able to see the person is lie. OK,first, those listing pictures were taken with 100% accuracy even included a time ,date, and a , inlatitude Longitude, second, in my house, each room costed me $10 thousands ( $3000 bedroom furniture sets& beding sets, $2000 electrical wiring to meet the standard of power authority, $5000 renovation contractor fee to meet the fire code and city code). Totally a $80K house renovation project I made this entire house's electronic, plumbing, walls were replaced with entire area new wring, entire area new plumbing, entire interior area new dry walls, that I made sure my guests drinking clean water, and I can confirm this traditional style house has NO asbestos during the renovation my Contractor opened ceilings and walls.

They booked two independent room with cost $108 ( each room only cost $54) includes 4 people breakfast (a big size breakfast).

So what is the exactly reasons of cancellation???

Dislike my house?
Dislike the looking of landlord?
Want to spend $54 for a five Star hotel treatment includes 4 people breakfast?

So what's the best excuse?

The purpose I provide very lower price rooms is that I want to make convenience for travellers to save their money in accommodation to have more travellers come to my house to have a nice place to stay to relax to recover body energy and so on with the maximum comfort I can provide within my financial planning. I always ask my guests is there anything else I can do for you?

1 year ago