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Luggage storage options for early/late check-ins!

Hi Everyone,

We have had a lot of problems in our Toronto & Montreal suites with luggage storage when guests arrive very early or check out late. So I decided to start a company last year called BagsAway to help us and our colleagues in the industry solve the issue.

Finally we are able to offer insured, cheap luggage storage $1.50/hr for our guests and they love it! BagsAway currently has 30 combined locations for self-storage in Toronto & Montreal and expanding. Our guest books online at, arrives at the storage location and voila!

The second option is to have the bags picked-up from the guest, anywhere (airport, hotel etc), store them and deliver back anywhere in the city. So our guests can enjoy their day without having to come back and pick their bags. 

Please speak to me about special discount codes for your guests.

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Vesna - Zlatni…

Wow great idea!

In Dubrovnik Croatia we have couple of tourist agencies that do this (charge is 1Eur per hour) but they don't pick up baggage.

1 year ago